Company Member Profile: Composer & Musical Director Alex Siesse

When Falconworks Theater Company began our first collaboration with Alex Siesse we had no idea what magic he would bring into the mix. He signed up to be the Musical Director—arranging music, rehearsing the cast and serving as conductor for all performances—but that was just the beginning. Alex’s musical direction was essential to “The Sandy Monologues,” which was based on the stories of survivors of Hurricane Sandy. Alex was critical to the success of “The Sandy Monologues” in so many ways; indeed, his arrangements and musical direction helped bring the production to life.

I was however when we began working on “Ready, Set, Go! Race,” that the full potential of the collaboration was made manifest. For those who were not fortunate to see “Ready, Set, Go! Race” it is a spoken-word musical that chronicles the African-American experience and the history of racism in the U.S., and uses poetry, vaudeville, hip-hop music and dance to analyze how racism became a defining feature of American life. Alex not only created music that fit perfectly with the show’s theme, deeply rooted in R&B, soul and hip-hop music, he also had an ability to rehearse and bring out the best in the cast – a sure sign of his exceptional skills as musical director.

Aside from helping to shepherd Falconworks Theater Company productions to the stage, Alex leads the musical project The Grand Mess that released its first single, “Lightyears” and has already garnered critical acclaim. Alex has also been an important member of Man Made Music, a pioneering sonic branding agency, designing and editing sound and music for major companies including AT&T, Cartoon Network, HBO and USA Network.