Falconworks will produces a major work of theater to end each season, presented it in an evocative location in Red Hook. The play features community members, trained actors, adults with and without theater experience, and youth, under the direction of Falconworks’ Senior Collaborator Reg Flowers.

The season Falconworks Theater Company will present The Sandy Monologues, an original work using spoken word, song and movement that was inspired by the actual words of Hurricane Sandy survivors. Get tickets here.

In 2013, Falconworks’ presented Ibsen’s ‘Enemy of the People,’ chosen for its resonance with issues in Red Hook at that time, particularly a proposed remedy for the polluted Gowanus Canal. The performance was selected as one of the L Magazine’s ‘Best Site-Specific Productions’ of 2013. In 2014, we produced ‘Romeo and Juliet,’ which will held a mirror to the divisions that exist within our community even as neighbors commonly express a desire to be ‘one Red Hook.’ The show was sold out for 4 out of 8 performances and was attended by about 1000 people. Summer 2015 brought Cherry Orchard to Red Hook and a contemporary take on the Chekov classic.